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Insight EU Environment Monitoring 6 December 2023

Chemicals: deal on improving classification and information +++ List of ship recycling facilities: first renewals of inclusion for yards located outside the EU +++ Maritime safety: EU Council adopts positions to support clean and modern shipping in the EU +++ Opening address by EU Commissioner Mr Janusz Wojciechowski at the 2023 EU Agricultural Outlook Conference, Brussels +++ Speech by President von der Leyen at the EU Agri Food Days, via video message

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EU Court of Justice: Judgments in Cases C-634/21, C-26/22 and C-64/22 (SCHUFA Holding) 

A number of members of the public are challenging the refusal of the competent data protection commissioner to take action against certain activities of SCHUFA, a private company providing credit information for clients including banks, before the Administrative Court of Wiesbaden (Germany). Specifically, they are opposed to ‘scoring’ and to the storage of information relating to the granting of a discharge from remaining debts taken from public registers.

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Reform of the EU Court of Justice: EU legislators reach provisional agreement

The Council presidency and European Parliament representatives today reached a provisional agreement on a reform of the Statute of the Court of Justice, which will improve the functioning of the Court of Justice of the EU against the background of a steady increase in the number of cases brought before it and in the complexity and sensitive nature of questions raised.

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EU Statement at the WTO Trade Policy Review of Hong Kong, China

“Hong Kong, China, has stated that these political developments do not undermine the principle of ‘One Country, Two Systems’, which is one of the fundamental tenets of Hong Kong, China’s open trade policy. Yet, our business community is concerned about the changes to Hong Kong, China’s otherwise very open business climate. Freedom of information and an independent judiciary are important benchmarks for EU businesses” – EU Statement at the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

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Background briefing on the EU-China Summit on 7 December 2023

On Thursday 7 December 2023, the leaders of the EU and China will hold a summit in Beijing, China.. The summit will cover the following topics: EU-China relations, including economic and trade +++ China’s position concerning Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine +++ The situation in the Middle East +++ Climate change +++ Global health and pandemic preparedness

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Daisy Chains: EU Council and Parliament reach agreement

The Council and the European Parliament today reached a provisional political agreement on the Daisy Chains proposal. The proposal is a targeted amendment of the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive or (BRRD) and the Single Resolution Mechanism Regulation or (SRMR) to include targeted proportionality requirements to the treatment of ‘internal MREL’ in bank resolution groups.

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EU Commission clears acquisition of Feni Haltim 

The European Commission has approved, under the EU Merger Regulation, the acquisition of joint control of Feni Haltim and the creation of a joint venture by Contemporary Amperex Technology of China and Aneka Tambang of Indonesia. The transaction relates primarily to the production and sale of ferronickel, the production of mixed hydroxide precipitate and other activities related to smelting.  

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Measuring Money in the Digital Age – IMF MD Georgieva at the IMF Statistical Forum

“Measuring Money in the Digital Age. Now is the right time to do this—accelerated by the pandemic, mobile payments are nearly everywhere in many advanced and emerging economies. A large and growing number of countries are steaming ahead with development and deployment of Central bank digital currencies, or CBDCs. And while crypto assets, including stablecoins, have had their ups and downs, they aren’t going away” – IMF Managing Direcotor Kristalina Georgieva.

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EU Commission sends request for information to Amazon under the DSA

Today, the European Commission formally sent Amazon a request for information under the Digital Services Act (DSA). The Commission is requesting Amazon to provide more information on the measures it has taken to comply with obligations related to risk assessments and mitigation measures to protect consumers online, in particular with regard to the dissemination of illegal products and the protection of fundamental rights, as well as on compliance of recommender systems with the relevant provisions of the DSA.

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Nato-Konferenz zur Cyberabwehr: Rede der Bundesaußenministerin Annalena Baerbock

“Cyber ist kein neues Thema. Aber im Gegensatz zu Utopien von vor vierzig Jahren brachte der Cyberraum keine Welt mit sich, in der militärische Gewalt keine Rolle mehr spielt und Konflikte nur mehr vorm Computer ausgetragen werden. Tatsächlich hat sich die Realität als sowohl komplexer als auch besorgniserregender erwiesen” – Annalena Baerbock aus der Nato-Konferenz zur Cyberabwehr.

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Insight EU Dossier: Design in Government and Society – Issue 5/2023

ADMINISTRATIVE DESIGN: A Europe that supports: towards a modern and effective public administration +++ Questions and Answers on the Communication on Enhancing the European Administrative Space (ComPAct) +++ Speech by Commissioner Elisa Ferreira at the press conference on the adoption of the Communication on Enhancing the European Administrative Space – ComPAct +++ IMF Working Paper: Inclusive GovTech: Enhancing Efficiency and Equity Through Public Service Digitalization +++ INNOVATION ECO-SYSTEMS: CEN-CENELEC: Discover the winners of the Standards+Innovation Awards 2023! +++ ECA recommends Member States to step up innovation procurement investments in digital sector +++ A STEP towards supporting EU competitiveness and resilience in strategic sectors +++ Statement des EU-Abgerodneten Ehler (EVP/CDU) zur STEP-Abstimmung im EP-Ausschuss +++ EU launches three new missions in space for validation of new technologies and innovation in orbit

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Interoperable Europe Act: EU legislators strike deal for more efficient digital public services

With a view to creating a network of interconnected digital public administrations and accelerating the digital transformation of Europe’s public sector, the Council presidency and the European Parliament negotiators reached a provisional agreement on the proposed legislation regarding measures on a high level of public sector interoperability across the EU (Interoperable Europe act).

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EUBAM Libya: Jan Vyčítal appointed as new Head of Mission

Today, Jan Vyčítal was appointed as Head of Mission of the EU Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM) in Libya. He will succeed Natalina Cea as of 1 January 2024, and his mandate will run until 30 June 2025. Jan Vyčítal is a Czech civil servant and diplomat, who has worked at senior level for more than 20 years, and currently serves as Ambassador of the Czech Republic to Tunisia, with accreditation for Libya. He previously served as Czech Ambassador to Iraq and to Libya.

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Victims of terrorism: EU Council stresses need to improve support

The conclusions highlight that the remembrance of the victims of terrorism is critical for their recovery process, to foster social cohesion and for the defence of democratic values. They also point to the fact that victims must have a central role in remembrance policies because their testimonies are a powerful tool to raise awareness of the human consequences of terrorism and to prevent radicalisation.

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EU HRVP Borrell meets with the VP of Libyan Presidential Council Mousa Al-Koni

On 5 December, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the Commission, Josep Borrell, met in Brussels with Mousa Al-Koni, Vice President of the Presidential Council of Libya. The discussion focused on how to enhance the ongoing cooperation between the European Union and Libya on key areas, including improving migration governance and management, as well as regional cooperation between Libya and the Sahel.

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Europol: 10 illegal firearms workshops dismantled

Europol supported an EU-wide investigation, led by the Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil), into the illegal manufacturing of firearms. The operational activities, initiated in Spain, involved law enforcement authorities from Canada, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Sweden and the United Kingdom.

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Main results of the first day of the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council

The Council addressed a number of files which all share the objective of tightening judicial cooperation between EU countries. EU Ministers also exchanged views on the functioning of the European Public Prosecutors Office (EPPO). The justice ministers also approved a Council position and findings on the application of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This Council position will feed into a Commission report, planned in 2024, on the evaluation of the GDPR.

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United States-Austria Strategic Dialogue: Joint statement

Austria and the United States expressed unwavering support for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, discussed the situation in the Middle East, and reaffirmed their joint commitment to and solidarity with Israel in light of the Hamas terror attacks on October 7.  They reiterated their concern about the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza and the need for unhindered humanitarian access and the protection of civilians.

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Europol: 11 olive oil counterfeiters arrested following Operation OPSON

In the framework of Operation OPSON, Europol’s coordinated effort to combat food fraud and counterfeiting, Europol has supported a spin-off investigation into counterfeit olive oil. This EMPACT-funded operation was initiated by the Spanish Civil Guard (Guardia Civil), who joined forces with the Italian Carabinieri. It led to 11 arrests and the seizure of over 260 000 litres of olive oil unfit for consumption. 

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Europol: Paper trail ends in jail time for 1 013 money mules

Law enforcement agencies from 26 countries, in collaboration with Europol, Eurojust, INTERPOL and several private industry partners, have once again joined forces to combat a key facilitator of money laundering: money mules and their recruiters. In June, October and November 2023, several operational phases identified 10 759 money mules and 474 recruiters, leading to the arrest of 1 013 individuals worldwide.

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EU HRVP: Powering up European defence

Debates around defence are indeed as old as the European project itself. The Coal and Steel community at the very start of the European integration process had itself a strong defence industry component. In 1950, just months after the Schuman Plan, our predecessors had also the project to build a European Defence Community. A history, in which defence cooperation could have been the sibling of market integration, would have been possible. However, with the rejection of the European Defence Community by the French Parliament in 1954, we chose a different path back then.

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Difficult trilogue on criminal penalties for violation of EU sanctions against Russia

“Each day that passes helps Putin’s war efforts. The effectiveness of the EU sanctions regime is severely undermined by the patchwork of national legal systems, and by uneven and weak enforcement. Sanctioned persons can still travel, study, holiday and live in the EU, as well as companies can conduct their business fairly unhampered. Massive amounts of money are still moved around freely and flow into the war coffers of the Kremlin” – EU Parliament statement.

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Norway’s Foreign Minister “deeply regrets” end of ceasefire in Gaza

The ceasefire has been important. It has provided the population with a respite, and not least, more humanitarian aid has come in. I deeply regret that it is not continued. It is the civilian population in Gaza as well as the hostages who will suffer from this. We now fear new rounds of fighting and further human suffering. The civilian population in Gaza must be protected, as much as possible. They have the right to food, water, and medical assistance, even when there is no ceasefire. 

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Insight EU Environment Monitoring 5 December 2023

Safer chemicals: Council and Parliament strike deal on the regulation for classification, labelling and packaging of chemical substances +++ EU Commission welcomes provisional agreement on improving classification, labelling and packaging of hazardous chemicals +++ ECODESIGN: EU Commission welcomes provisional agreement for more sustainable, repairable, and circular products +++ Grüne/EFA: Nachhaltige Produkte werden zur Norm – Trilog-Einigung zur Ökodesign-Verordnung +++ EEB on Ecodesign: EU one step closer to making sustainable products the norm.

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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 5 December 2023

COP28: WMO: The Global Climate 2011-2020: A decade of acceleration +++ Over 60 countries pledge to slash cooling emissions amid rising temperatures +++ President von der Leyen at the opening of the COP28 in Dubai: “This COP can make history” +++ Climate ambition and energy cooperation: key focus areas for the Energy Community Secretariat at COP 28 +++ Latest headlines published at the COP28 Summit +++ UN confirms the past decade was the hottest on record ‘by a clear margin’ +++ COP28: Women and climate advocates driving forward meaningful change together +++ COP28: Bring the vulnerable to ‘front of the line’ for climate funding +++ COP28: The climate crisis is also a health crisis

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Insight EU Energy Monitoring 5 December 2023

COP28: To save the planet, we need a just and fair renewable energy revolution +++ EU Energy Days at COP28 reaffirm commitment to clean energy transition +++ Speech by EU Commissioner Simson at the COP28 Ministerial on Renewables and Energy Efficiency +++ Speech by EU Commissioner Simson at COP28 EU Energy Days opening event: ‘The EU and its global partners unleashing the clean energy transition’ +++ G20: International cooperation strengthens measures for the energy transition +++ CER: EU climate and energy policy after the energy crunch

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Clean Energy Partnership: G7+ and Ukraine joint statement

This Partnership brings together the Government of Ukraine, bilateral donors, key international organisations and financial institutions and voices representing the private sector.  Following  the Ukraine Recovery Conference in London, we are proud to welcome the following new partners to the Clean Energy Partnership: the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation, whose $2 billion Economic Resilience Action platform is already investing in Ukraine’s green, resilient reconstruction; the UN Global Compact’s Ukraine Energy Initiative, which will act as a voice for its private sector signatories within the Clean Energy Partnership; and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), which aims to support Ukraine’s transition to a sustainable energy future by mobilising green investment.

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Insight EU Environment Monitoring 4 December 2023

ECODESIGN:Products fit for the green transition: EU Council and Parliament conclude a provisional agreement on the Ecodesign regulation+++EU Parliament on the Ecodesign deal: New EU rules to make sustainable products the norm+++SUSTAINABILITY REPORTING:Opening speech by EU Commissioner McGuinness at the International Platform on Sustainable Finance Annual Event at COP 28+++Speech by EU Commissioner McGuinness at EU side event at COP28 on European Sustainability Reporting Standards+++ESAs put forward amendments to sustainability disclosures for the financial sector+++

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Insight EU Climate Monitoring 4 December 2023

EU endorses international Declaration on Climate and Health at COP28 Health Day +++ Speech at the COP28 Climate and Health Ministerial meeting by Maroš Šefčovič, Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal +++ EU endorses key Relief, Recovery and Peace initiatives of the COP28 +++ METHANE EMISSIONS: EU announces €175m financial support to reduce methane emissions at COP28 +++ Background on the 2023 Global Methane Pledge Ministerial: Decisive action to curb emissions.

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Insight EU Energy Monitoring 4 December 2023

COP28 EU Energy Days focus on implementing the clean energy transition after launch of Global Pledge on Renewables and Energy Efficiency +++ EU leads global initiative at COP28 to triple renewable energy capacity and double energy efficiency measures by 2030 +++ Speech by President von der Leyen at COP28 on tripling renewable energy and doubling energy efficiency by 2030 +++ Habeck: Wir brauchen ein klares Signal der COP28 an Märkte und Investoren der Energiewende

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EU Council tackles dual mental health and drug use

The Council approved conclusions on people having drug use disorders that co-occur with other mental health disorders. The Council invites member states to consider drug use disorders (DUDs) co-occuring with other mental health disorders as an important challenge for drug and mental health services and policies, a challenge that requires a multidisciplinary and comprehensive response to the needs of people with these disorders.

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EU Commission welcomes provisional agreement for more sustainable, repairable and circular products

The Commission welcomes the provisional agreement reached last night between the European Parliament and the Council on the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation. It will help make sustainable products the new norm in the EU, by making them last longer, use energy and resources more efficiently, easier to repair and recycle, contain fewer substances of concern and include more recycled content.

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Ecodesign: EU Council and Parliament conclude provisional agreement

European Parliament and EU Council negotiators agreed on an update to the so-called “ecodesign” regulation that aims to improve various aspects of products throughout their lifecycle to make them more durable and reliable, easier to reuse, upgrade, repair and recycle, use less resources, energy and water. Specific product requirements will be outlined by the Commission through secondary legislation.

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