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Background briefing on the EU-China Summit on 7 December 2023

On Thursday 7 December 2023, the leaders of the EU and China will hold a summit in Beijing, China.. The summit will cover the following topics: EU-China relations, including economic and trade +++ China’s position concerning Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine +++ The situation in the Middle East +++ Climate change +++ Global health and pandemic preparedness

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Energy emergency: EU Commission proposes to extend measures by one year

The European Commission has today proposed a 12-month prolongation of the emergency measures introduced last year in response to the energy crisis provoked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and weaponisation of its energy resources. While the situation on the European energy market is more secure than 12 months ago, the Commission is proposing this extension to further enhance security of gas supply and strengthen market resilience. The three measures proposed

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EU and Canada forge Green Alliance for closer cooperation

Today, the EU and Canada have established a Green Alliance at a bilateral Summit in St John’s, Newfoundland. The Alliance will strengthen political, technical, economic and scientific cooperation between these two like-minded partners. It covers climate action, environmental and ocean protection, the clean energy transition, green industrial transformation, research and innovation and climate and biodiversity finance.

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Russia: Vladimir Putin meets with Government members

“One of the issues we discussed had to do with ensuring common security. And I would like to briefly mention one of the aspects, especially because tomorrow in Minsk, I will meet with our colleagues from the CSTO (the Collective Security Treaty Organisation). So, one of the issues [we discussed] had to do with establishing a single joint air defence system of the CSTO countries.”

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Diamonds from Russia: EU statement on the stalled Kimberley Process

“We deplore the Kimberley Process’ inability to consider the consequences for the global rough diamond sector of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine. We regret that despite the significant revenues generated by Russia’s diamond exports and the Kimberley Process’ core mandate to break the link between the trade in diamonds and conflict, it was not possible to reach consensus to include an item on the agenda and discuss the matter”

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EU Commission pays a further €1.5bn in assistance to Ukraine

Today, the Commission has paid €1.5 billion under the Macro-financial Assistance + package for Ukraine worth up to €18 billion. Today, the Commission has paid €1.5 billion under the Macro-financial Assistance + package for Ukraine worth up to €18 billion. With this instrument, the EU seeks to help Ukraine cover its immediate funding needs, with stable, predictable and sizeable financial support in 2023. With today’s payment, Ukraine has so far received €16.5 billion this year under Macro-financial Assistance +.

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FinCEN Exchange discusss attempts by Russia to evade export controls

The Department of the Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) and Office of Foreign Assets Control, along with the Department of Commerce’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS), co-hosted a virtual FinCEN Exchange to discuss attempts by Russia to evade export controls. The Exchange included representatives from small- to mid-size financial institutions, law enforcement, and government agencies.

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Statement by EU Commission President on the 10th anniversary of the Euromaidan protests 

Ten years of dignity. Ten years of pride. Ten years of striving for freedom. The cold November nights of Euromaidan have changed Europe forever. Even if back then, Europe did not realise it. A whole nation took to the streets, and spoke with one voice. You said: Ukraine belongs in Europe. And our future belongs to us. And that is why the people of Ukraine wrapped themselves in European flags

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UN: Freedom of religion must prevail in Ukraine

Everyone in Ukraine must have complete freedom to manifest and practice their religion or belief, a senior UN official told the Security Council today as she detailed restrictions on religious freedom and threats to the safety of religious communities in the country and called on both Ukraine and the Russian Federation to ensure that fundamental human right.

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Finland’s 20th package of defence materiel to Ukraine

For operational reasons, and to ensure that the assistance will reach its destination safely, further details on the content of the package, the way it is delivered, or the schedule will not be given. Both Ukraine’s needs and the resources of the Defence Forces have been taken into account when deciding on additional assistance.

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In the eye of the hurricane: EEAS blog post by EU HR Josep Borrell

The EU faces two major tests in Ukraine and in Israel-Palestine. The fire of war has been burning on the eastern border of Europe for nearly two years now, much longer than Putin had thought. He believed that within weeks the Russian army would be in Kyiv and could install a puppet regime, like the one in Belarus. Thanks to Ukraine’s resistance and to international support, that did not happen.

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EU Foreign Affairs Council on Defence: Press remarks by EU HR Josep Borrell

The training mission (EUMAM Ukraine) goes very well. We are over the 30.000 soldiers already been trained. Good training means also saving lives. We will train 10.000 more in the upcoming period. I cannot give you a precise date but at the speed that we have been training the 30.000, these 10.000 more can go very quickly. On the issue of ammunition, implementation is ongoing. I can give you the figures of today

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Main results of the EU Foreign Affairs Council on Defence, 14 November 2023

The Foreign Affairs Council in its defence configuration discussed EU support to Ukraine, after a brief video message from the Ukrainian Minister of Defence, Rustem Umierov. The High Representative underlined the need to urgently agree on further military support to Ukraine, to address its immediate needs in terms of air defence, training, ammunition and winter equipment, and thereby allow for its defence against the Russian aggression.

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EU is providing additional €110m in humanitarian aid to support Ukrainians affected by the war

The Commission is therefore allocating €110 million in humanitarian aid of which €100 million will go to operations in Ukraine and €10 million to support Ukrainian refugees and host communities in Moldova. This new funding will help the EU’s humanitarian partners to provide essential services like cash assistance, food, water, shelter, healthcare, psychosocial support and protection.

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Main results of the Foreign Affairs Council, 13 November 2023

The Foreign Affairs Council held a discussion on the situation in Israel, the Gaza strip and the region, building on the statement unanimously agreed on by the Council the day before, calling – among other things – for immediate humanitarian pauses in hostilities in Gaza and the establishment of humanitarian corridors.

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Nuclear Test Bans: EU Statement at the CTBTO Preparatory Commission

“The EU deeply deplores the unprecedented decision of Russia to revoke its ratification of the CTBT. This unjustifiable decision constitutes a serious setback in Russia’s commitment towards the international security architecture that undermines the ongoing non-proliferation and disarmament efforts. This latest measure by Russia, a State Party to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT), is also a severe step back on Russia’s undertaking to promote the CTBT

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