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Brussels, 28 February 2023

Today, the Commission has positively assessed Finland’s revised recovery and resilience plan. On 26 January, Finland had requested to remove two investments included in its plan, one related to the replacement of buildings’ fossil fuel-based heating systems with lower carbon-emitting systems, and one related to private vehicles charging infrastructure. Finland will continue to implement these measures with national funds. Finland had also requested to modify 18 measures included in its plan to reflect the reduced amount of RRF grants.

Under the Recovery and Resilience Facility (RRF) Regulation, a Member State can request a revision of its plan in limited and well-defined cases. Finland’s request is based on the need to factor in the revision of its maximum RRF grant allocation, from €2.1 billion to €1.8 billion. The revision is part of the June 2022 update to the RRF grants allocation key. This update, which concerns all Member States, takes into account the difference between countries’ real and estimated GDP growth between 2020 and 2022. Finland’s lower allocation of RRF grants following the June 2022 update is the result of a comparatively better economic outcome in 2020 and 2021 than initially foreseen.

The Commission considers that the downward revision of its financial allocation justifies the amendments requested by Finland. Following an assessment of the revised plan against the 11 criteria set out in the RRF Regulation, the Commission concluded that the Finnish plan still complies with them and that its overall ambition is not affected by the amendments. The Council will now have four weeks to adopt the Commission’s proposal approving the revised plan.

Source – EU Commission


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