Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Dear Reader,

As our technology evolves, we have decided to add a new service to our IEU Monitoring: a portal, collecting, fact-checking, aggregating global and EU policy regulations.

The IEU Monitoring Portal is offering a regulatory hub comprising different levels of global, European, and national policy regulation. Behind our portal, we have developed a complex network of tools, including machine learning, to collect, evaluate, and aggregate original documents, policy positions, dossiers, investigations, and data.

We are starting with four main sections: sustainability, digitization, security, and business. Each of our main sections offers subsections. Over time–and on-demand–we will add and monitor more policy fields. It will be up to the agile environment we’re living in–and to your interest.

IEU Monitoring is NOT a competitor to journalism, but a supporter and enabler of fact-based reporting. We are just a miner of raw materials and an extended virtual workbench for our users.

We are inviting official institutions and agencies, journalists, and stakeholders to add their documents, positions, stories, or data to the platform. In the case of stakeholders, they need to be registered in the EU transparency register–or national equivalents.

We are also continuing our IEU Monitoring Mailing services. So, existing clients will receive access to the portal on top of what they’ve got, until now. New clients may read five posts per month for free, but can easily subscribe to more–at affordable prices.

As we live in times of change, we are now able to adapt to these changes much faster and react to your professional demand, almost immediately.

We hope you stay with us, or join us, and are looking forward to your feedback.

Your IEU Monitoring team

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