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Kyiv, 8 August 2023

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasizes that the Peace Formula he proposed is an important platform not only for a just end to the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. It can also become a universal basis for ending other military conflicts on the planet and overcoming global problems. The President made this statement in an interview with the Latin American media.

As the President emphasized, today the right and so far the only diplomatic way to achieve peace is the Peace Formula initiated by Ukraine.

He noted that the Formula is primarily about Ukraine, but if certain international institutions do not enable a just end to such aggressive wars and achieving peace, as the example of Ukraine eloquently demonstrates, the Peace Formula can become a new universal foundation for appropriate solutions.

“Unfortunately, we are not the only ones, and this is not the last military conflict in the world. And I believe that after the end of this war, such a Formula can be the basis for overcoming other global problems,” the Head of State is convinced.

According to the President, individual countries may have their own opinion on certain points of the Peace Formula, and this is normal, as any platform is open to discussion.

“One can agree or disagree with something. Offer your own solutions. This is what our Peace Formula is based on. The basis must be Ukrainian, because the war is in Ukraine. And the proposals can be from any country, because we value the experience and opinion of each country that really wants to achieve peace, not to play along with Russia, not to play along on the Peace Formula for the sake of future economic relations with Russia. Because this is a game with real people,” Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasized.

The Head of State emphasized that it is necessary to prepare for the Global Peace Summit, and he is interested in the maximum number of states being represented at the event.

“For us to politically decide that this is the right platform, and that the majority of the world views this Formula as a basis, a map, steps and a plan to overcome this terrible tragedy,” the President said.

Source – President of Ukraine

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