Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Brussels, 30 May 2023

Today, the Commission adopted a Communication monitoring the EU visa-free travel regimes.

The Communication looks at the functioning of the EU’s visa-free regimes and identified the main challenges in the area of irregular migration and security. The Communication also paves the way ahead towards a strengthened monitoring and Visa Suspension Mechanism.

The Communication presents further ways of strengthening the mechanism by exploring the possibility of: establishing new grounds for suspension to address new risks; adapting thresholds to trigger the visa suspension mechanism; making the suspension procedure more efficient and flexible, as well as strengthening the monitoring and reporting provisions. Following today’s Communication, the Commission is launching a consultation process to meet these objectives.

The EU visa policy is an essential part of the Schengen rules and one of the most valued achievements of EU integration. Visa-free travel brings significant economic, social, and cultural benefits to EU Member States and third countries and is an important tool to promote tourism and business.

The EU currently has a visa-free regime in place with 60 non-EU countries. Visa policy is, and should remain, a tool to facilitate people-to-people contacts, tourism and business, while preventing security risks and the risk of irregular migration to the EU.

More information is available in our press release.

Source – EU Commission

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