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Strasbourg, 12 December 2022

Declaration of the S&D Group regarding the judicial investigation into “alleged corruption, criminal organization and money laundering”:

“We are appalled by the allegations of corruption in the European Parliament. The S&D Group has zero tolerance for corruption. We support a thorough investigation and full disclosure. We will fully cooperate with all investigating authorities.

The S&D Group meeting today, on a proposal of the S&D Bureau, took the following decisions:

We have taken the decision to expel Eva Kaili from the S&D Group with immediate effect, following the suspension of her mebership on 9/12/2022. Furthermore, the S&D Group has demanded that she be removed from the office of Vice-President of the European Parliament, during this week’s plenary, invoking Article 21 of its rules of procedure.

We decide that:

  • Group membership of S&D MEPs who are subject to the judicial investigation will be suspended.
  • S&D MEPs who employ parliamentary assistants who are subject to the judicial investigation, should, awaiting the outcome of the proceedings, step down from any responsibility and refrain from any activity within the European Parliament and the S&D Group, which could interfere with the EU policies and relations concerned.
  • In case wrongdoings are confirmed, the Group will end the membership of those concerned.
  • The S&D Group, supporting the ongoing investigation, will become “parte lesa” and look into legal steps against those undermining the S&D Group and European Parliament as a whole.

We request, given the seriousness of the allegations, until the competent authorities provide relevant information and clarification, the suspension of work on any files and plenary votes relating to the Gulf States, particularly concerning visa liberalisation and planned visits. We propose the application of article 198 of the European Parliament’s rules of procedure in order to request a referral back to the LIBE Committee of the Marquardt report on Visa Liberalisation for Kuwait and Qatar.

    We request adding a debate to this week’s plenary agenda entitled: “Commission statement – Suspicions of corruption from Gulf countries and the broader need for transparency and accountability in the EU institutions”.

    We propose setting up an EP Inquiry committee into foreign interference within the EU institutions aiming to influence decision-making. In this context, the S&D Group will start its own internal inquiry.

    We propose that in case the investigation concludes that foreign interference and corruption has taken place, sanctions be imposed on any state and individuals involved.”

    Source – S&D Group (via email)

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