Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy does not rule out that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will bring certain guarantees of energy security for Ukraine to Kyiv after her visit to Russia. The Head of State said this in an interview with journalists from the countries of the Normandy Four and the United States – Washington Post, Liberation, Funke Media, “Novoe Vremya” and “Novaya Gazeta”.

Answering the question of whether he was concerned that the German Chancellor would first visit Russia before her visit to Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy said he was completely calm about it.

“I am extremely pragmatic in my views and can realistically assess my expectations. This is first of all about real results. I do not expect the Chancellor to come to Kyiv with gifts. She did not do this even in previous years. I hope that Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin will reach a certain agreement with which she will arrive in Kyiv. These can be guarantees for Ukraine. For example, that Russia will agree to supply the minimum amount of gas via Ukraine’s gas pipeline system to the EU,” the President said.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy noted that in relations with Russia Angela Merkel is guided by pragmatic considerations, but he considers this approach too lenient.

“It is clear that she is trying to maintain relations with Moscow. This can be called a pragmatic approach. And she wants to avoid any surprises during the Bundestag election on September 26. Russia still has influence. My personal opinion is that the Chancellor is advancing a very delicate way of balancing. In my opinion, it is too soft,” the Head of State stressed.

Source – Ukrainian President:

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