Mon. Jul 15th, 2024


The EU has financed and delivered equipment for a cyber lab, security software and hardware to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, as part of its ongoing support to Ukraine under the European Peace Facility. The cyber lab was unveiled in Kyiv on Friday.

With this support, Ukraine can build and further develop the cyber defence capacities of its armed forces to detect intrusions to the information systems, deal with cyberattacks and strengthen their overall capacity in the cybersecurity area.

This cyber lab will provide training environment to test and strengthen the hands-on skills of military cyber defence professionals with realistic virtual scenarios and real-time simulations that help to identify, monitor and protect from future cyberattacks faster and more effectively.


On 15 December 2021, the EU adopted an assistance measure under the European Peace Facility to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces worth €31 million, including on cyber defence. The cyber defence assistance will support the Communication and Cyber Security Command of Ukraine with the provision of a cyber-lab and the provision of security software and hardware.

A cyber lab is an exercising and researching environment composed of several virtual and physical components. It can be used to represent realistic scenarios for training to advance the hands-on skills of military cyber defence professionals. Cyber lab technology enables the user to generate a realistic virtual environment which requires trainees to respond to cyberattack and defence simulations in real-time.

Within the simulated network, the officials of the Ukrainian Armed Forces can learn to cope under high levels of stress, locating and exploring vulnerabilities on various network systems. A cyber lab and the improved network security help the Ukrainian military to develop the skills to identify, monitor and resist cyberattacks.

About the European Peace Facility

The European Peace Facility is an off-budget instrument aimed at enhancing the Union’s ability to prevent conflicts, build peace and strengthen international security, by enabling capacity-building activities for military actors, and the provision of training, equipment and infrastructure for security purposes. under the Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP).

Source – EEAS

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