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Bern, 10 August 2023

On behalf of the Office of the Attorney General of Switzerland (OAG), fedpol and local cantonal police forces carried out seven house searches today in the cantons of Vaud and Neuchatel and arrested four persons. The persons arrested are suspected of carrying out various support activities for a terrorist group.

The OAG is conducting three separate criminal proceedings in this connection against four suspects aged 28, 49, 53 and 57 respectively. All the suspects are Syrian nationals. Two are resident in the canton of Vaud and two of the suspects were living in asylum accommodation in the cantons of Vaud and Neuchatel until their arrest today. The three proceedings were opened between January 2022 and September 2022.

All three criminal proceedings are being conducted in relation to suspicions of supporting and/or participating in a criminal organisation (Art. 260ter Swiss Criminal Code) and offences under Article 2 of the Federal Act on the Proscription of the Groups ‘Al-Qaeda’ and ‘Islamic state’ and Associated Organisations.

The suspects are believed to have carried out various support activities for a terrorist group. The group concerned is connected with Jabhat Al-Nusra, the former Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda. As part of the criminal proceedings, the OAG has also been in contact with several other countries by way of international mutual assistance.

The four persons arrested will be taken to the OAG for questioning. The OAG will then decide on whether to apply to the competent compulsory measures court for the suspects to be placed in pre-trial detention.

No further information can be provided with regard to the alleged offences at this stage in the proceedings. The OAG will issue a further statement as soon as the status of the proceedings permits. As always, the presumption of innocence applies to all four suspects.

Source – Swiss Government

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