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Stockholm, 28 August 2023

Slovenia has been hit by torrential rainfall this month, with downpours destroying a number of bridges. The Swedish Government has therefore decided that the Swedish Transport Administration will donate three temporary bridges to Slovenia.

Slovenia’s request for temporary bridges was submitted to Sweden via the EU Civil Protection Mechanism.

“I have received reports of the devastation caused by recent rainfall in Slovenia. Given the assistance that Sweden received through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism in connection with the forest fires in 2018, it goes without saying that Sweden is prepared to do its part in a situation like this,” says Minister for Infrastructure and Housing Andreas Carlson.

The temporary bridges in question are beam bridges that can be assembled quickly to make watercourses passable for traffic.

“I would like to extend particular thanks to the Swedish Transport Administration, which quickly identified surplus bridge materials that fit Slovenia’s needs,” adds Mr Carlson.

Accompanying the Government’s decision to assist Slovenia with these temporary bridges, the Government Offices has decided that the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency may use funds to transport them to the affected areas as quickly as possible.

Source – Swedish Government

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