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Stockholm, 25 August 2023

The Swedish Government has appointed Andrés Jato as special envoy for international cyber issues. Cyber issues are becoming increasingly important to foreign and security policy. The Government is now strengthening the Swedish Foreign Service’s ability to advance these issues

In the Statement of Foreign Policy of 15 February this year, Minister for Foreign Affairs Tobias Billström announced the Government’s intention to raise the level of ambition for its work on international cyber and digital issues. He also announced the forthcoming appointment of a special envoy for those issues. This envoy’s position is within the Department of Security at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

The envoy will represent Sweden in the EU, NATO and the UN, in cooperation with other countries and in dialogue with the private sector. This is an important role for furthering Sweden’s interests and priorities in the cyber area. This work comprises security policy, trade and competitiveness, and democracy and human rights.

Cyber issues are cross-border, and thus require extensive international cooperation to meet rapidly growing challenges. This involves establishing international rules and norms for state and non-state actors, and, in collaboration with like-minded countries, jointly responding to threats and attacks, and making the consequences more severe. Foreign and security policy play an important role in the Government’s efforts to protect Swedish interests and strengthen Sweden’s cyber capability and security.

Cyber issues concern several political spheres of responsibility within the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, as well as other ministries and government agencies. They are also the subject of new policy development and increased international cooperation. The envoy will contribute to Sweden’s policy development in this area in close collaboration with the relevant groups in the Government Offices and responsible government agencies.

Mr Jato is presently Ambassador to the Holy See and Malta, stationed in Stockholm. He was previously head of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs Department for Disarmament and Non-Proliferation, Head of the European Correspondent Department and Ambassador with responsibility for Arctic issues, and has also served at the Embassy of Sweden in Sarajevo.

Mr Jato will assume his new position shortly.

Source – Swedish Government

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