Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

Brussels, 6 October 2022

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Since Russia unleashed its brutal aggression against Ukraine, Europe has entered in a new phase of our history. 

Today, 44 European leaders gather here together in order to study how to build a new security structure in Europe. It has to be done without Russia – not because we do not want Russia to be part of Europe, but because Russia’s Putin has taken [itself] out of the European Community. 

The European [Political] Community is formed by these 44 States. Some of them are members of the European Union, and others – they are not. Some do not want to; others were members [of the European Union] and they left; and others are still not members, but they will become members.  

And all together, [we] have to define a new line for the Europeans.  

Europe has to face the crisis created by the war in Ukraine, it has to build a new security order to face the food and energy crises. And this forum, this community, this [European] Political Community is the best way for the Europeans – all Europeans, inside the Union and outside the Union – to face it. 

Thank you.  

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Source – EEAS

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