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Moscow, 6 January 2023

Vladimir Putin approved a list of instructions on developing unmanned aircraft systems.

Russian President instructed the Government of the Russian Federation to establish a Government Commission for developing unmanned aircraft systems with the view to drafting state policy proposals for this sector and delivering on tasks related to developing, manufacturing, certifying and operating unmanned aircraft systems, means of protection from their illegal use, as well as developing infrastructure for operating systems of this kind, offering staff training, and integrating unmanned aerial vehicles into the single air space of the Russian Federation. The President appointed First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov to chair this commission.

The Government was also instructed to approve a strategy for developing unmanned aviation until 2030 and on to 2035, as well as a plan for state civilian procurement orders for domestically manufactured unmanned aircraft systems until 2030; to foster a favourable environment for creating a market for unmanned aircraft systems; and to oversee the creation of testing and competence research and development centres accredited by the Federal Agency for Air Transport (Rosaviatsiya) for developing unmanned aircraft systems, including based on the National Technology Initiative Platform Autonomous Non-Profit Organisation.

Instructions issued to the Government deal with creating a dedicated certification framework for unmanned aircraft systems, their components and parts, licensing the development and manufacturing of these systems, parts and items; enacting a continuous training framework for specialists involved in developing, manufacturing and operating unmanned aircraft systems and controlling their qualifications; ensuring the adoption of a national project to develop unmanned aircraft systems until 2030.

The President instructed the Government of the Russian Federation, together with the Defence Ministry, the Interior Ministry, the Federal Guard Service, and the Federal National Guard Service, to ensure information security related to operating unmanned aerial vehicles and flight control by streamlining administrative, technical and other restrictions which stand in the way of developing civilian unmanned aircraft systems.

The Bank of Russia, together with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport, were instructed to create a framework for insuring unmanned aerial vehicles and third-party liability of their operators.

The President instructed the Ministry of Industry and Trade, together with the Government of Moscow and the National Technology Initiative Platform autonomous non-profit organisation, to oversee the holding of an annual forum and exhibition of technology products and solutions in the unmanned aircraft segment.

Source – The Russian Kremlin:

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