Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Statements by the EEAS Spokesperson:

A Russian court in Sochi sentenced the head of the Southern Human Rights Centre and a prominent human rights defender Semyon Simonov to community service, for alleged violations of the law on so-called “foreign agents” on Tuesday.

This decision is yet another unacceptable use of the law on “foreign agents”, to pressure activists and human rights defenders. The EU calls on the Russian authorities to stop Mr. Simonov’s prosecution immediately.

The “foreign agent” law contributes to a systematic infringement of fundamental freedoms, restricting the space for civil society, independent media and the rights of political opposition in Russia even further.

The respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms is enshrined in the Russian Constitution. Such actions go against Russia’s international obligations and human rights commitments.

Source: Russia: Statement by the Spokesperson on the sentencing of human rights defender Semyon Simonov


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