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Helsinki, 5 September 2023

The Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs has appointed an internal working group to prepare a reform of the Foreign Service in accordance with the Government Programme. The term of the working group will last from 4 September to December, when the group will submit its final report and recommendations to the ministers of the Foreign Ministry.

The group’s appointment is based on the Programme of Prime Minister Petteri Orpo’s Government. The objective is to focus on Finland’s foreign and security policy interests, the promotion of economic growth, international economic relations and technological development.

“The organisation of the Foreign Ministry has essentially remained unchanged since 1998. A lot has happened in 25 years, and these changes should also be reflected in the Foreign Service”, says Minister for Foreign Affairs Elina Valtonen.

The Ministry will concentrate resources and investments on countries that are strategically important to Finland. This will apply to the network of Finnish missions, economic relations, security cooperation and development cooperation.

The working group is chaired by State Secretary Lauri Tierala, while Permanent State Under-Secretary Pekka Puustinen serves as its vice-chair.

Source – Finnish Government

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