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Tuesday 26 October, Mr Tobé and Ms Keller, MEPs responsible for asylum and migration management and amended asylum procedures, will present their draft reports.

At the occasion of the presentation of their reports on the legislative proposals on asylum and migration management and asylum procedures in the Civil Liberties Committee, Tomas Tobé and Fabienne Keller, rapporteurs, will present their draft amendments to media.

When: Tuesday 26 October at 14:30 (Mr Tobé) and 15.15 (Ms Keller).

Where: European Parliament (Brussels), Anna Politkovskaya press room (SPAAK 0A50) and via Interactio.

You can follow both press conferences live via Parliament’s webstreaming and EBS+. Interpretation will be available in English and French. Journalists wishing to actively participate and ask questions, please connect via Interactio:

The new Pact on Asylum and Migration, tabled by the European Commission in September 2020, includes the Asylum and Migration Management Regulation, a proposal for a faster asylum border procedure, as well as a pre-entry screening mechanism and proposal for a regulation dealing with crisis and force majeure in the field of migration and asylum:


  • Ms Keller (Renew, FR) is the rapporteur the amended Asylum procedures and her proposed amendments to the 2020 Commission proposal establishing a common procedure for international protection can be found in the draft report and are further explained in a working document.

Both rapporteurs will present their draft reports on Tuesday 26 October at 16h50 (Mr Tobé) and at 17h20 (Ms Keller) to the Civil Liberties Committee, marking the start of the discussions in the parliamentary committee and will be subject to amendments procedure and committee vote at a later stage. The legislative proposals will have to be negotiated and approved by co-legislators, the European parliament and the Council, before they can become law.

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