Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

Brussels, 25 November 2022

Statement by President von der Leyen following her phone call with President Zelenskyy:

“I expressed to President Zelenskyy the EU’s full solidarity with Ukraine as it suffers at the hands of Putin’s deliberate and barbaric bombing of the country’s civilian infrastructure. I strongly condemn these attacks. Russia must be held accountable for what constitute war crimes.

We are intensifying our efforts and working with partners to provide the emergency support Ukraine needs to restore and maintain power and heating for the civilian population.

Through the EU’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre, the Commission is currently preparing the delivery to Ukraine as quickly as possible of the following large donations by Member States and directly from the Commission’s rescEU reserve:

  • 200 medium-sized transformers and a large autotransformer from Lithuania.
  • a medium-sized autotransformer from Latvia.
  • 40 heavy generators from the rescEU reserve located in Romania. Each of these generators can provide uninterrupted power to a small to medium sized hospital

The European Commission is additionally working on a new energy rescEU hub in Poland to allow donations from third parties and help with their delivery to Ukraine in a coordinated fashion, particularly with our G7 partners.

We have also reached out to relevant companies in various countries to request vital high voltage equipment, including further autotransformers, and are coordinating with partners to transport them rapidly to Ukraine.

Source – EU Commission: Statement by President von der Leyen following her phone call with President Zelenskyy


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