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A conversation took place between Vladimir Putin and President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the Bocharov Ruchei residence.

June 9, 2023, 14:30, Sochi

Vladimir Putin: Alexander Grigorievich!

First of all, welcome. I’m glad to see you.

I want to say once again that the prime ministers have been working for several days now, and they are doing a very good and active job. I will meet with them shortly and greet them. If you allow, I will do so on your behalf as well.

Alexander Lukashenko: I would appreciate it if it’s appropriate.

Vladimir Putin: Of course, why not?

Alexander Lukashenko: Especially since we are discussing their topics, Vladimir Vladimirovich.

Vladimir Putin: Yes, indeed. We will discuss all these issues now.

And regarding security matters, and economic cooperation, there is much to talk about. It is pleasing that it is developing at a good pace, to say the least. The quality and structure of our economic relations are changing in the right direction. We are not only focusing on traditional areas of cooperation but also on high-tech sectors. That is very pleasing. I won’t mention the growing trade turnover figures at the moment.

In terms of security, we will discuss it separately, face-to-face. Overall, the situation is stable, I would even say good. We interact confidently in this sphere.

Regarding the most sensitive issues we agreed upon, everything is going according to plan. As you know, the preparations for the corresponding facilities will be completed by July 7-8, and we will immediately start the events related to the placement of the corresponding types of weapons on your territory. So, everything is going according to plan, everything is stable.

There is always something to talk about, and we will discuss it today.

Alexander Lukashenko: Thank you, Vladimir Vladimirovich.

You rightly said, according to plan. We agreed in Moscow that we would meet at this time. Our prime ministers will be working, and if any questions arise – after all, Belarusian-Russian relations are the backbone of the Eurasian Economic Union and the CIS space – if any questions arise, we will react. You will meet with the prime ministers.

I believe it is a comprehensive and good event that we are conducting. Yes, there are economic issues, but they are not problems – they are being resolved. And I must note that – I have always criticized, as you said, the governments – but here they are working quite effectively.

There is room for progress, as you rightly said. The most important thing is that we know what to do and in which direction to move.

Vladimir Putin: And it works. Thank God, it works.

Alexander Lukashenko: I’m starting to get scared, as you said: knock on wood – to talk about it.

We thought it would be worse. But for now, it’s a little better than we thought, thank God. So, gradually, we will build our relations. I already publicly said at our Eurasian Security Council secretaries meeting that we will develop an action plan in this situation with Russia. We shouldn’t even talk about hoping for the lifting of sanctions: we should rely on our own strengths and ourselves.

And if we develop such a plan of action, our partners will definitely join. I’m sure that Kazakhstan, within the framework of the EAEU, and Uzbekistan, will create attractive conditions here.

Vladimir Putin: Yes.

Alexander Lukashenko: I am confident that our alliance within the Eurasian Economic Union will only become stronger.

Well, the experts need to work with the governments. I think we are capable of doing that.

Vladimir Putin: I will now talk to my colleagues, have a conversation with them, say a few words myself, listen to them, and in the evening, I suggest – I will inform you about it, we will exchange opinions on what our colleagues have done during these few days of work in Sochi.

Alexander Lukashenko: Thank you.

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Source – The Kremin:

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