Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

London, 18 July 2023
Lumpy skin disease (LSD) has been identified for the first time in Libya. Three outbreaks have been reported by the World Organisation for Animal Health (WOAH, 2023), all of which occurred on cattle farms in Al Jifarah and Tripoli in northwest Libya. The farms, which were located approximately 100km from Tunisia’s eastern  border, had 3-14 cattle (ProMed, 2023, WOAH, 2023). Across all 3 outbreaks, a total of 10 cases and 3 deaths have been reported. The first outbreak started on 8 May 2023 in Swanee, Al Jifarah and was confirmed on 8 June 2023 (WOAH, 2023). The second outbreak started in Janzour, Al Jifarah on 20 May 2023, approximately 11km from the first outbreak. The third outbreak occurred in Alzaytua, Tripoli, approximately 11km from Swanee, and started on 1 June 2023 (ProMed, 2023).

Source – UK Government

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