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Brussels, 22 May 2023

Today, Ireland will submit a request to the Commission to modify its recovery and resilience plan.

Ireland’s proposed modification of the plan foresees targeted amendments to two measures. The first measure aims at encouraging private investment in energy efficiency through a guarantee scheme. Ireland has requested to postpone the completion date of two implementation milestones linked to this measure, due to unforeseen technical hurdles. The second measure aims at increasing the supply of social and affordable housing. Ireland has requested to postpone the completion date of three targets linked to this measure, due to delays in the construction process and other implementation issues.

Ireland’s request to modify its plan is based on the need to factor in objective circumstances which make particular milestones or targets no longer achievable within the original timeline.

Once Ireland has submitted its request, the Commission has up to two months to assess whether the modified plan still fulfils the assessment criteria in the RRF Regulation. If the Commission’s assessment is positive, it will make a proposal for an amended Council Implementing Decision to reflect the changes to the Irish plan. Member States will then have up to four weeks to endorse the Commission’s assessment.

More information on the Irish recovery and resilience plan can be found here. More information on the process concerning the revision of recovery and resilience plans can be found in this Q&A.

Source – EU Commission

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