Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
Brussels, 8 November 2022

Mr President,

Prime Minister,

Dear Werner Hoyer,

What a pleasure to be here and what a pleasure to celebrate that we signed the MoU for hydrogen and rare raw materials, that we are going to develop together. It is a very decisive moment indeed. And it is wonderful to be here as European Union in Namibia, if I may say so.

It is a very special partnership that we are starting now. Because we are in a decisive moment. We are in a moment of deep crisis worldwide for energy. And now is the time where we have to really decide whether we want to be locked in in fossil fuels or whether we want to leap forward into clean energy. This is not only wind, this is not only solar, but it is also green hydrogen.

And here, this is the big opportunity for Namibia and the Global South because you have the resources in abundance. And if we partner up, if we team up, if we find the right team, together with the European Investment Bank, to develop, to invest in the infrastructure, then this is a big win-win situation for all of us.

We want to reach our climate goals. We want to preserve nature. We want to fight climate change. We want to have clean energy. And as I said, you have all the resources in abundance. So let us team up. With the investment of Global Gateway, it is a EUR-150-billion programme for Africa. So let us really invest in the green energies, the clean energies, and start a wonderful intensive win-win partnership between the European Union and Namibia.

Thank you for having me.

Source – EU Commission

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