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Brussels, 14 June 2023

Parliament urges the Commission to propose legislation to ensure the quality of traineeships across the EU.

On Wednesday, plenary adopted with 404 votes in favour, 78 against and 130 abstentions a report calling on the Commission to propose a directive on Quality Traineeships and to update the existing Quality Framework for Traineeships.

According to MEPs, the new directive should set minimum quality standards, including rules on the duration of traineeships, as well as on remuneration and access to social protection in accordance with national law and practices.

Traineeships should be adequately compensated, covering as a minimum the cost of basic living necessities such as food, housing, and transportation, taking into account the cost of living in each member state, Parliament says.

The report calls on EU member states to make traineeships more accessible to persons with disabilities and to those from vulnerable backgrounds and to encourage cross-border traineeships.

MEPs also request the Commission to revise the existing Quality Framework for Traineeships and introduce more rules that are binding for EU-countries in this framework.


Traineeships are an important stepping-stone for young people into the labour market. A recent Eurobarometer survey (2023) found that four in five young people (78%) surveyed did at least one traineeship, and for one in five (19%) their first work experience was a traineeship.

Nevertheless, there are concerns regarding the quality of traineeships. MEPs therefore call for better conditions for traineeships to provide young people with useful experience and adequate remuneration.

In adopting this resolution, Parliament is responding to citizens’ expectations that young people’s jobs and internships adhere to quality standards and end discriminatory labour law practices as expressed in Proposals 47(5) and 15(2) of the conclusions of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Source – EU Parliament

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