Thu. Jul 18th, 2024
  • New benefits for EU citizens: equal treatment, price comparison tools, and EU-wide claims history statement
  • Protecting victims even if the insurer goes bankrupt
  • Avoiding overregulation: e-bikes and motorsports not obliged to have motor insurance

Internal Market and Consumer Protection Committee adopted on Monday updated motor insurance rules providing more protection, transparency and smoother cooperation throughout the EU.

Parliament and Council reached a provisional agreement on the directive on 22 June 2021. The amended rules will better protect injured people when accidents occur in any EU member state, including domestic victims of an accident caused by a driver from another EU country. Victims of accidents will also be protected if a liable party’s insurance company goes bankrupt, as the new rules require national compensation bodies to meet costs arising from such cases.

The rules harmonise minimum amounts of cover across the EU:

  • for personal injuries: €6 070 000 per accident or €1 220 000 per injured party;
  • for damages to property: €1 220 000 per accident.

To tackle uninsured driving, the amended directive allows cross-border insurance checks on vehicles. However, such checks should be non-discriminatory as part of regular checks, and not require the vehicle to be stopped.

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