Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

On 1 September, IMCO considered a draft legislative opinion by Ivan Štefanec (EPP) to INTA on the so called international procurement instrument (IPI) that aims to help EU companies tendering on third countries’ public procurement markets.

IMCO is associated under Rule 57 of the Rules of Procedure with exclusive competence on certain provisions. The proposal was presented by the Commission in 2012 and amended in 2016. After a long standstill, the Council adopted its position on 6 June. Following that, IMCO decided to draft a new opinion in order to take into account the contextual changes in Parliament and Council after the 2019 elections. This new opinion will replace the opinion adopted by the committee in 2017.

Source : © European Union, 2021 – EP

Source: Highlights – International procurement instrument – Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection

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