Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
wolf, nature, eurasian wolf
Eurasian wolf. Photo by ambquinn on Pixabay
    • Invasive gebietsfremde Arten: Gefahr für die biologische Vielfalt – Weltbiodiversitätsrat verabschiedet Bericht zu invasiven gebietsfremden Arten – Bundesumweltministerium
    • Wolves in Europe: Commission urges local authorities to make full use of existing derogations and collects data for conservation status review
    • 155th Plenary meeting of the AHAW Panel
    • 157th Plenary meeting of the AHAW Panel
    • 158th Plenary meeting of the AHAW Panel
    • 159th Plenary meeting of the AHAW Panel
    • 160th Plenary meeting of the AHAW Panel
    • 161st Plenary meeting of the AHAW Panel
    • Answer to a written question – Transparency in COVID-19 vaccine contracts – E-001963/2023(ASW)
    • Answer to a written question – Measures for curbing childhood obesity – E-002180/2023(ASW)
    • NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 1025/2022 by Paul Pancea (Romanian) on air quality and pollution – PE752.732v01-00
    • NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 1389/2015 by R.K. (Greek) bearing seven signatures, on the co-financed project which is being executed in the stream of Pikrodafni (Attica), a stream of major environmental importance, and allegedly violates Union legislation – PE587.770v02-00
    • NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0564/2022, by Manuela Giacomini (Italian), on behalf of ‘Animal Equality Italia’, on ‘fast growth’ broiler chicken farms – PE739.767v02-00
    • NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0042/2023 by J. H. G. (German) against the Commission’s Implementing Regulation authorising partially defatted whole house cricket (Acheta domesticus) as Novel food Petition No 0071/2023, by Z. S. (Bulgarian) on banning insect-based food Petition No 0108/2023 by José Ortega (Spanish), on behalf of Asociación de Derechos Civiles Atenea, on the introduction of two new insects as novel food Petition No 0228/2023 by Gianfranco Di Sabato (Italian) on the addition of a label to indicate the presence of insects in food Petition No 0326/2023 by Tobias Grimm (German) on labelling obligation for insects as allergens if an ingredient of foodstuffs – PE752.735v01-00
    • NOTICE TO MEMBERS Petition No 0019/2023 by L.F. (Italian) on plans to cull wild animals and a possible violation of EU law in Italy – PE752.733v01-00


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