Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
finland, windmills, energy
Windmills in Finland. Photo by 12019 on Pixabay
  • Finland’s nuclear and renewable power strengths provide a solid foundation for reaching its ambitious climate targets, IEA review says
  • Energy, sustainability, and inflation in focus on the  European Competition Day
  • EVP Vestager speech at the Competition Day in Stockholm – 5 May 2023: “Crisis, Competition, and the Long Game”
  • State aid: Commission approves amendments to Polish scheme to support closure of coal mines
  • ACER grants Nordic regulators more time to agree on the amended methodology for electricity balancing
  • Public consultation for ENTSOG draft Ten Year Network Development Plan (TYNDP) 2022 ends on 19 May
  • *CALL FOR INTEREST* of participating stakeholders to join the Scenarios External Technical Advisory Group (Scenarios ETAG) by 5 June 2023
  • CEER: EU assists Armenia in further developing its Regulatory Framework in the energy sector
  • Energy Storage Coalition launched – more flexibility to help decarbonise Europe
  • Crisis as a Challenge for the EU’s Treaty Framework for Energy Security – Florence School of Regulation
  • Aurora: Europe can accelerate fossil gas phase-out with less hydrogen than planned
  • Hydrogen Europe: Letter to Commissioner Vestager
  • Latest headlines on hydrogen developments
  • Hydrogen is key to Nikola’s rebrand. It needs more cash
  • Kenworth Announces T680 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Commercialization Plans
  • Hyundai Brings Xcient Hydrogen Fuel Cell Truck to US
  • HGK Shipping signs MoU on hydrogen tech, christens new chemical tankers
  • Renewables, exploration, hydrogen make headlines
  • Chile to attend World Hydrogen Summit for the second year running
  • ACME Group and Indraprastha Gas join hands for green hydrogen opportunities
  • SwRI designing safer, more effective hydrogen injectors for gas turbines
  • HGK Shipping And Hydrogenious To Design An Emission-Free Inland Waterway Vessel With Hydrogen Carrier Technology
  • IDTechEx: Fuel flexibility of SOFCs paves path to hydrogen economy
  • HYVIA at World Hydrogen Summit, Rotterdam: 1st customer test drives of Renault Master Van H2-TECH in a country committed to H2 mobility
  • Spain-Fusion Fuel signs 2.46 million euro green hydrogen equipment supply contract with CSIC
  • INEOS Inovyn and HyMove Aim to Boost Hydrogen-Powered Transport in Eastern France
  • ACME, IGL sign MoU to jointly supply green hydrogen and set up infra
  • Habeck legt Arbeitspapier zum Industriestrompreis vor
  • Bundesminister Habeck: „Wir brauchen mehr Tempo beim Ausbau der Solarenergie“
  • Aufsichtsrat der dena setzt Verfahren zur Besetzung des Vorsitzes der Geschäftsführung neu auf
  • VCI begrüßt die Pläne des Bundeswirtschaftsministeriums zum Industriestrompreis
  • BDEW zum BMWK-Vorschlag eines Industriestrompreises:  „Eingriffe in die Preisbildung müssen vermieden werden“
  • CM 2652 2023 INIT – Working Party on Energy
  • ST 8750 2023 INIT Proposal for a DIRECTIVE OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL on the energy performance of buildings (recast) – 4column document

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