Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
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Electric bulb. Photo by AJS1 on Pixabay
  • For the first time in decades, the number of people without access to electricity is set to increase in 2022
  • IMF Working Paper: Chasing the Sun and Catching the Wind: Energy Transition and Electricity Prices in Europe
  • EU Commission approves €16.8 billion Danish guarantee scheme to support energy companies in the context of Russia’s war against Ukraine
  • EU Commission approves €1.34 billion Danish scheme to support energy intensive companies in the context of Russia’s war against Ukraine
  • ACER publishes a Study on Future Regulatory Decisions on Natural Gas Networks
  • IAEA: Safeguards Symposium 2022 Closes with a View to the Future
  • Latest Hydrogen headlines
  • COP27 | From floating wind to hydrogen and red tape to Trump – 11 reasons for hope and fear in the energy transition
  • Two Hydrogen Tractors Ordered at Dutch Lean & Green Congress
  • Hydrogen part of the solution to national concerns over keeping Britain warm, says NWHA
  • Canada introducing ITC for solar PV, energy storage and low-carbon hydrogen
  • Hydrogen economy, green electron and molecule energy transition make headlines
  • Germany boosts offshore wind target to 50GW to quench thirst for green power and hydrogen
  • Lhyfe to probe potential for 5-MW green hydrogen project in Sweden
  • FFI partners with Enel on hydrogen
  • EU to sign hydrogen agreement with Egypt at Cop27
  • BMWK: Vierter Abschnitt der Westküstenleitung geht in Betrieb
  • CM 5188 2022 INIT Working Party on Energy

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