Sun. Jul 14th, 2024
  • IEA confirms individual contributions to collective action to release oil stocks in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
  • IAEA Director General Grossi’s Initiative to Travel to Ukraine
  • Update 11: IAEA Director General Statement on Situation in Ukraine
  • Oral question – Rising energy prices and manipulation on the gas market – O-000007/2022
  • E.DSO InnoGrid 2022: Mission Acceleration
  • Facilitating development of renewable energy communities – recommendations for developing legal frameworks
  • More renewables mean huge investments, so don’t tamper with market rules – Wind Europe
  • Assessing electric vehicle impacts – the need for up-to-date electricity data
  • Energy Community Secretariat to assist Ukraine in coordination of emergency supplies
  • Annual Energy Outlook 2022 (AEO2022)
  • Latest headlines on hydrogen
    • Uniper resumes plans for ‘hydrogen-ready’ German LNG terminal: Fortum CEO
    • India can become green hydrogen hub: PM Narendra Modi
    • Swiss Hydrogen-Powered Hypercars – The Kincsem Hyper-GT Has a High-Capacity Hydrogen Engine (
    • Hydrogen hybrid heating system demonstrated in Wales
    • Large-megawatt hydrogen fuel cells eyed by shipping industry in move away from fossil fuels
    • Massive green hydrogen plant planned to open in South Texas by 2026
    • 2021 deals position US to be a global hydrogen leader: BloombergNEF
    • A facile construction of Ag/MoSe2 composite based non-enzymatic amperometric sensor for hydrogen peroxide
    • Notice: Hydrogen BECCS Innovation Programme
    • [ASAP] Polytypic Phase Transition of Nb1–xVxSe2 via Colloidal Synthesis and Their Catalytic Activity toward Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
    • [ASAP] Preparation of a Coal-Based MoS2/SiO2/GO Composite Catalyst and Its Performance in the Photocatalytic Degradation of Wastewater and Hydrogen Production
    • [ASAP] A Facile Strategy to Realize Rapid and Heavily Hydrogen-Doped VO2 and Study of Hydrogen Ion Diffusion Behavior
    • [ASAP] Plasmon-Enhanced Water Activation for Hydrogen Evolution from Ammonia-Borane Studied at a Single-Particle Level

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