Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
    The flag of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna. Source: IAEA
  • Latest reports on hydrogen industries
  • PepsiCo Australia launches hydrogen-powered prime mover
  • Airbus-Safran Venture Demonstrates Proof-of-Concept for Hydrogen Aircraft Fuel System
  • Gen2 Energy and Provaris join forces to develop European hydrogen supply chain
  • Sinopec’s first green hydrogen plant in Xinjiang starts production
  • India’s PLI schemes under the Green Hydrogen ecosystem
  • Gen2 Energy looking into Provaris’ hydrogen shipping solution for its Åfjord project
  • Government Rolls Out Rs 17,490 Crore Scheme For Green Hydrogen
  • Clean hydrogen could be virtually zero cost, US energy diplomat tells London Indaba
  • France-Lhyfe to build green and renewable hydrogen production site in France
  • Hydrogen’s Chicken, Egg Quandary Has Financers Flying the Coop
  • The world’s first offshore wind–green hydrogen pilot just triumphed
  • NextGenerationEU: Czechia and Lithuania submit request to revise recovery and resilience plans and add a REPowerEU chapter
  • IAEA Mission Commends Belgium’s Commitment to Nuclear and Radiation Safety, Identifies Areas for Further Enhancement
  • Director General Grossi to Visit Japan to Present IAEA’s Comprehensive Report on Fukushima Treated Water Release
  • Address by OPEC Secretary General
  • ACER publishes its Consolidated Annual Activity Report for 2022
  • Registration is open for ACER Workshop: Amendment of the harmonised allocation rules for long-term electricity transmission rights
  • The ENTSO-E is publishing the ENTSO-E Market Report 2023 and ENTSO-E Capacity Calculation and Allocation (CC&A) Report 2023
  • Launch Core dedicated section on ENTSO-E website
  • Further postponement of the electricity market opening in Georgia
  • Bundeswirtschaftsminister Habeck besucht herausragende Forschungseinrichtungen für Windenergie in Norddeutschland
  • DIW: Ampel-Monitor Energiewende #6: Deep Dive zur Photovoltaik
  • CM 3621 2023 INIT Working Party on Energy
  • Publications – ACER – Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators – Committee on Budgetary Control


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