Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
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Developing alternative fuels for aviation. Photo by Anestiev on Pixabay
  • Financing reductions in oil and gas methane emissions
  • EU Commission endorses Slovakia’s revised recovery and resilience plan, including a REPowerEU chapter
  • Sustainable aviation fuels: Transport MEPs give green light
  • ACER monitoring shows declining gas prices due to increased LNG imports and decreasing demand
  • E.DSO-ENCS-ENISA-ENTSO-E 6th Event on Cybersecurity ‘European energy grids’ security in a changed landscape – closing the skills gap and getting prepared’
  • Assessment of the energy footprint of digital actions and services
  • Agenda heat pumps III
  • European Hydrogen Bank and the Gigabit Infrastructure Act
  • Latest reports on hydrogen industries
  • EU funds $22 million for offshore hydrogen production plant
  • DENSO to Begin SOEC Demonstration at Hirose Plant to Produce and Use Green Hydrogen for Manufacturing
  • Hydrogen’s Biggest Hurdles: Customers and Demand
  • Canadian Pacific Kansas City and CSX Corporation to develop hydrogen locomotive conversion kits
  • TotalEnergies and VNG agree on green hydrogen supply to Leuna refinery
  • Toyota, Toyota Tsusho and Mitsubishi Kakoki to introduce biogas-based hydrogen in Thailand
  • Thailand’s CP Group, Toyota To Start Producing Hydrogen Using Biogas From Farm Waste This Year
  • Plans for first green hydrogen production plant in Duisburg port unveiled
  • AFRY, RINA study points to feasibility and attractiveness of Gulf-to-Europe hydrogen pipeline
  • Sealhyfe produces first green hydrogen
  • In a ‘World first’, Lhyfe’s Sealhyfe Pilot Starts Producing Green Hydrogen in the Atlantic
  • Energy giant SSE to trial hydrogen-fuelled van from First Hydrogen
  • Breakthrough Coating Technology to Accelerate the Adoption of Green Hydrogen
  • Europe’s first offshore green hydrogen produced off France, but China may have won race
  • Hyundai Motor North America appoints Jim Park as head of commercial vehicle and hydrogen business development
  • Sweden and the United States strengthen energy research cooperation
  • Ukraine: EU sending 500 power generators from rescEU reserves in response to Nova Kakhovka dam breach
  • ST 11062 2023 INIT European Court of Auditors’ Special Report No 15/2023: The EU’s industrial policy on batteries – New strategic impetus needed
  • ST 11064 2023 INIT European Court of Auditors’ Special Report No 15/2023: The EU’s industrial policy on batteries – New strategic impetus needed Designation of Working Party Attendance of the European Court of Auditors at the Working Party meeting


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