Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
  • EU Commissioner Kadri Simson travels to Spain for official visit
  • Digitalisation of energy: best practices for data sharing
  • DRAFT REPORT on the proposal for a directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on energy efficiency (recast)
  • BMWi: Förderung zur energieeffizienten Sanierung von Gebäuden startet ab morgen wieder
  • EU Commission Answer to a written question – Environmental impact assessment and public consultation on the lithium prospecting and exploration programme in Portugal
  • EU Commission: Answer to a written question – Failure to carry out a transboundary environmental impact assessment of the extension of the life of the Tricastin nuclear power station
  • Latest headlines about hydrogen developments
    • Germany’s first major hydrogen hub – Uniper to supply Salzgitter steel plant with green H2 from North Sea port
    • Dutch data centre saves on diesel with new hydrogen fuel cells
    • Partnerships fuel hydrogen focus at Nor-Shipping 2022 conference
    • Green hydrogen platform closes €200m fund raise
    • Reganosa part of green hydrogen consortium in Spain
    • How green can be our Hydrogen
    • The hydrogen market’s growing credibility
    • Sempra unveils California green hydrogen vision
    • Extreme E Is Adding a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Racing Class
    • Boosting Hydrogen Evolution at Visible Light Wavelengths Using a Photocathode with Modal Strong Coupling between Plasmons and a Fabry–Pérot Nanocavity
    • India and Japan to hold joint seminars on attracting Hydrogen investments
    • First Hydrogen Train in Japan to Hit the Rails for Test Run
    • Toyota commissions Yamaha to develop hydrogen-fueled 5.0L V8; follow-on from Nov 2021 announcement
    • LG requests NTPC to prepare hydrogen roadmap for Ladakh
    • MPIE researchers investigate hydrogen embrittlement in aluminum alloys
    • Catalytic self-transfer hydrogenolysis of lignin with endogenous hydrogen: road to the carbon-neutral future
    • Adani Group, Ballard Power sign MoU for hydrogen fuel cell JV
    • Highly durable graphene monolayer electrode under long-term hydrogen evolution cycling
    • Sasolburg electrolyser to be repurposed to produce green hydrogen within 24 months
    • High‐temperature quantum tunneling and hydrogen bonding rearrangements characterize the solid‐solid phase transitions in a phosphonium‐based protic ionic liquid
    • Single‐Atom Molybdenum Engineered Platinum Nanocatalyst for Boosted Alkaline Hydrogen Oxidation
    • Bimetallic Multi‐Level Layered Co‐NiOOH/Ni3S2@NF Nanosheet for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction in Alkaline Medium
    • MXene‐Supported, Atomic‐Layered Iridium Catalysts Created by Nanoparticle Re‐Dispersion for Efficient Alkaline Hydrogen Evolution
    • H.R. 6780: To identify barriers to the deployment of hydrogen as a fuel source, and for other purposes.
    • Rhodaelectro‐catalyzed peri‐selective direct alkenylations with weak O‐coordination enabled by hydrogen evolution reaction (HER)
    • [ASAP] Control of Site-Selectivity in Hydrogen Atom Transfer by Electrostatic Interaction: Proximal-Selective C(sp3)–H Alkylation of 2‑Methylanilinium Salts Using a Decatungstate Photocatalyst
    • [ASAP] Effect of Na Doping on the Photocatalytic Hydrogen Production of Ferroelectric K1‑xNaxNbO3 Nanofibers
  • BDI veröffentlicht Umfrage zu Energiekosten: „Strom- und Gaspreise drohen Wirtschaft zu erdrücken“

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