Thu. Jul 18th, 2024
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How to design and manage change. Photo by geralt on Pixabay
  • Milan Design Week meets Design for Planet
  • Celebrating World Design Day
  • Five ways to design a circular community
  • Ways of designing: A reflection on strategic and systemic design
  • Raising the bar, one hemline at a time: How Mary Quant shaped the sixties
  • The Anti Greenwash Charter
  • The Rewilding Training
  • EU Commission: Call for evidence on virtual worlds and metaverses
  • Youth Democracy Award 2023 (Germany) – fundsforNGOs
  • U.S. State Department: Outcomes of the Summit for Democracy
  • Toward a Discouraging Convergence? Liberal Constitutionalism in the Age of Permanent Emergency
  • Global Trends in Government Innovation 2023 – Observatory of Public Sector Innovation
  • Mapping the global behavioural insights community – Observatory of Public Sector Innovation
  • EU Commission proposes new economic governance rules fit for the future
  • EU Commission Q&A on the new economic governance proposal
  • The Startupbootcamp Accelerator Program 2023: Scale fast & Grow Sustainably – EU-Startups
  • EU AI Act: How AI regulation could affect your startup – EU-Startups
  • 10 Slovakian startups to keep an eye on in 2023 and beyond – EU-Startups
  • Speech By Commissioner Elisa Ferreira at the “Start-up Village Forum”
  • Address by Mr Janusz Wojciechowski at the 2023 edition of the European Startup Village Forum
  • Accessibility: designing an inclusive and barrier-free user experience – Defra digital, data and technology
  • What I’ve learned about panel management in a growing research team – Defra digital, data and technology
  • Why AI is our top emerging technology – Defra digital, data and technology
  • The women saving the planet through bio-design
  • La Commission lance des appels à propositions de 122 millions d’euros pour combler les lacunes en matière d’innovation dans l’UE et renforcer les écosystèmes d’innovation
  • The EU Commission appoints a new President of the Board of the European Innovation Council
  • The EU’s global approach to research and innovation – EP Research Service
  • Connecting regional innovation valleys by climate-neutral industries
  • Commission launches call for 100 Regional Innovation Valleys to bolster local and regional innovation
  • Commissioner Gabriel visits Silicon Valley for European Innovation Days
  • Bundestag: “Innovationsclub” mit baltischen Staaten
  • Innovationsindikator 2023: Deutschland auf Rang 10 von 35 Volkswirtschaften – zu wenig Innovationsdynamik spürbar – BDI und Roland Berger
  • Zukunftsforum 2023 – Fraunhofer IAO Veranstaltungen
  • Reallabore – die Innovationsmethode der Zukunft – Fraunhofer IAO
  • uih! Innovationslabor in Heilbronn macht Zukunft des Handels erlebbar – Fraunhofer IAO
  • The NATO Review: Back to the future: innovating in times of uncertainty and disruption
  • Design Thinking Market 2023 Growth, Trend, Share, and Forecast till 2030 – Digital Journal
  • McKinsey & Company: What is design thinking?
  • Design Thinking Toolkit – Latest lessons published by Atomic Spin
  • Design Thinking Toolkit, Lesson 31 – Forced Connections – Atomic Spin
  • Design Thinking Toolkit, Lesson 30 – Design Studio – Atomic Spin
  • Design Thinking Toolkit, Lesson 29 – SCAMPER – Atomic Spin
  • Design Thinking Toolkit, Lesson 28 – The Powers of 10 – Atomic Spin
  • Design Thinking Toolkit, Activity 27 – The Pre-Project Survey – Atomic Spin
  • Design Thinking Toolkit, Activity 26 – Worst Possible Idea – Atomic Spin
  • Design Thinking Toolkit, Activity 25 – Empathy Map – Atomic Spin
  • Empathy in design: The secret ingredient for finding human connection –
  • Using physical prompts in remote research – “..STBY…”
  • Using  Videoboards as an all-in-one analysis tool – ..STBY…
  • Guiding social and sustainable business decisions – ..STBY…
  • The 9th e-Governance Conference will host digital leaders and experts from 70 countries – e-Governance Academy
  • Freiburg: Neuer Ämterzuschnitt – Bauen und Wohnen aus einer Hand
  • Aufbau des Dateninstituts kann beginnen – Haushaltsmittel für das Dateninstitut freigegeben
  • Hintergrund der Bundesregierung zum Dateninstitut
  • Rede von Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz zur Verleihung der German Startup Awards am
  • BMBF: Ihr Date mit der Zukunft | 30.04.2023
  • BDI: Zeitenwende auch bei der regionalen Transformation notwendig
  • BDI: Zwangslizenzen gefährden Innovation und Wettbewerb
  • Bitkom: Startups: Durchbruch für attraktivere Mitarbeiterbeteiligung
  • Latest headlines be Forum Virium Helsinki
  • Talking robot delivers tools to worksites – could be used for lunch deliveries as well
  • Deep dive into European circular economy ecosystem – webinar 26th May
  • Six cities lead the way in increasing drone usage responsibly
  • New company emerged from a hackathon
  • Advancing cross-border travel between Helsinki and Tallinn by learning from IoT-NGIN’s smart city living lab
  • An alternative food system requires long-term cooperation and a regional network of operators
  • Three solutions supporting knowledge management to be tested with tourism companies
  • Digital Twins Hackathon boosts growth companies’ activities
  • Future of emergency medical services in Helsinki – a drone could save your life
  • Electric truck factory inspired by Forum Virium Helsinki and Stara’s innovation project
  • Lifesaving drones are coming to Helsinki! AiRMOUR Roadshow events 4 and 6 April
  • Open call: Technologies to promote digital equality
  • New European Bauhaus: How do we Design the Irresistible Circular Society? – DDC Danish Design Center
  • “Young People are at the Frontlines of Change – it’s Time the Older Generations Listened up” – DDC Danish Design Center
  • Leadership: What Does Top Management do in a Self-Leading Organization – DDC Danish Design Center
  • EUCCC: Report Launch – China’s Innovation Ecosystem: The Localisation Dilemma
  • Making ethics part of the way we design products and services – Home Office Digital, Data and Technology
  • Human connection: humanists at work in the community – Humanists UK
  • Independent report: UK Research, development and innovation (RDI) organisational landscape: an independent review
  • Scotland’s First Minister: Equality, opportunity, community: New leadership – A fresh start
  • EDA Webinars This Week: Tech Hub Phase 1 NOFO
  • Towards actionable governance on trustworthy AI
  • Modernisation of digital services is the lifeblood of companies
  • The knowledge-based management of the future is based on phenomena ⁠–⁠ changes in the energy sector lead the way
  • Neurodiversity and recruitment: Creating inclusive practices at Gofore
  • How equipped is your organization to be co-adaptive?
  • How a combination of digital and data can be harnessed to create future sustainable business models
  • Pattern library playbook: Get set up for success
  • Futurice Quantum Computing Workshops
  • The open road to excellent UX
  • Audition Research Participants First with Screener Surveys
  • These FAQs from Product Managers May Surprise You
  • How to Lay the Foundation for a Dynamic UX Team
  • 4 Major Questions on the Minds of UX Industry Leaders
  • To Prevent Harm, Look To Ethical Design Tools
  • When Does Statistical Significance Apply to Your Research?
  • The Future of Research and Insights Is Fully Integrated
  • Issues with Data Gaps? Wrangle ‘Em Together with Triangulation
  • How to Include Engineers in Your Day-to-Day Research Activities
  • Trouble with Stakeholder Buy-In? Include Them More in the Process
  • A Guided Tour of Indra’s Net with Yingzhao Liu – Buddhistdoor Global
  • Top 10 Online courses from IIM Kozhikode to take your career to new heights – Times of India
  • VTU launches a range of new initiatives to help improve quality of teaching-learning process – The Hindu
  • New Active Design guidance published – Sport England
  • An Academic Study on the Museum Experience – We Heart
  • IIT Guwahati organises Research & Industry Conclave – EastMojo
  • Regenerative design is “making habitats better” says Sebastian Cox – Dezeen
  • Why Intergenerational Thinking Is Essential to Heal the Planet – Resilience
  • Living Life By Design Begins With Perspective – Forbes
  • ChatGPT, Design Thinking, and CCreative Human-AI Collaboration – Medium
  • How Generative AI Changes Creativity –

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