Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
  • The High Level Group on European Democracy adopted its final report
  • Innovation ecosystems in Europe
  • Suomen Yrittäjät Municipal Barometer is open: municipalities’ enterprise-friendliness compared
  • Vantaa welcomes everyone to the development of an international city
  • Orientation Failure? Why Directionality Matters in Innovation Policy and Implementation – OPSI
  • OPSI Reality Check: What’s Our Capacity to Innovate?
  • OPSI: Mission-oriented Innovation in Healthcare: Applying Missions to Beat Cancer
  • OPSI: Four Principles for Orchestrating Innovation Ecosystems
  • Signalling a shift: a window on the future
  • Designing our research deliverables – STBY
  • Geopolitical Forecasting and Actionable Intelligence – Survival
  • Bruegel: The dark side of artificial intelligence: manipulation of human behaviour
  • What is Design? Note on “social design” – John Maeda’s Blog
  • Transitioning into Service Design – Service Design Network
  • Ethics Is a Design Challenge – DDC – Danish Design Center
  • How accessibility issues led to ‘authentically-voiced’ content on the Hub – MOJ Digital & Technology
  • Latest Headlines by EU Startups
    • Munich-based Remberg raises €11 million to build software that is helping companies digitize for the age of the IoT
    • GO Sharing brings 500 new e-mopeds to Rome making mobility even more sustainable in the Italian capital
    • London-based Actable AI raises over €1 million to supercharge spreadsheets with AI
  • One Team Gov North West
  • Playbook : Getting Started with Policy Co-design – STBY
  • SDN: Dual Accreditation Programme: Service Design Network and China Service Designer
  • Design Thinking: A choice of January headlines on Medium
    • How I Applied Design Thinking to Learn Data Science
    • Quantum Computing Fuzz
    • Leading Virtual Teams Online: How a Start-up Finds its Actual Asset
    • What is Design Thinking and how does it make you sustainable?
    • Design Brief: WikiSci
    • Beyond design thinking
    • “Superchef”, the design journey
    • Design Thinking and Research
    • Prototyping Q&A with Deborah Carter
    • Shifting Military Decision-Making from Single Ends to Emergent Multiplicities
    • Part-02: Cloud Migration and Design Strategies
    • There is no business like flow business
    • Communicating Business Ideas Through Design
    • Design Thinking Project : Enhancing Washroom Experience by design thinking.
    • Beyond what you actually see
    • You can’t have too many bookshelves
    • Gamification and self-learning to promote digital literacy
    • Design Ideas WithOut Spending A Lot.
    • Tell a story to yourself
    • Kuchentratsch: Social commitment combined with an economic business model, based on the best cakes…
    • How to open the curtain again? Second part
    • How to open the Curtain again? First part
    • Adapting the Design Sprint Process to Drive Personal Decisions
    • A Modern UX Design Process — Design Thinking
    • User Experience Design
    • What is a design framework anyway?
    • Why Conflict is an Important Part of Collaboration
    • Understanding Design Thinking with Airbnb
    • Wind and Water: 5 Feng Shui Interior Design Elements that actually work!
    • 5 Design Lessons from Sailing The Chesapeake Bay
    • Wicked Problems and how to approach them by a design thinking standpoint.

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