Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024
hail, precipitation, hailstones
Hailstones: Increase of extreme weather expected. Photo by Hans on Pixabay
  • Executive Vice-President Timmermans resigns; Vice-President Šefčovič will take over his duties
  • S&Ds confirm claim to climate portfolio as Dutch government set to nominate controversial Commissioner candidate
  • Extreme weather is the “new norm”
  • Greater Horn of Africa is forecast to get above-average rainfall
  • UNECE Air Convention report shows biological recovery from acidification in freshwater environments in Europe
  • European Green Capitals: the leading Spanish cities in sustainability
  • BDI: Verbesserte Datengrundlage unabdingbar für Erreichung der Klimaziele
  • Germanwatch: Expertenrat lässt Klimaschutzprogramm durchfallen
  • BUND: Expertenrat bescheinigt Bundesregierung lückenhafte Klimapolitik
  • Klimaschutz-Experten bestätigen: Es besteht weiterhin eine massive Erfüllungslücke im Verkehr
  • 384/23 | Entwurf eines Zweiten Gesetzes zur Änderung des Bundes- Klimaschutzgesetzes | 18. August 2023
  • Answer to a written question – Floods in Zaragoza and European measures to adapt to climate change – P-002209/2023(ASW)


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