Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
  • EU Commission celebrate results of Horizon 2020 European Green Deal Call: 73 projects selected for €1 billion funding
  • EU Commission at the COP26: Green Budgeting: Let’s Make It Real
  • Sweden: Speech by Per Bolund at the UN event Delivering Climate Action
  • DIGITALEUROPE unveils its new report “Digital action = Climate action: 8 ideas to accelerate the twin transition”
  • The Wuppertal Institute’s Expectations for the Climate Conference: COP26 Must Promote Increased Ambition and Advance Implementation of Paris Agreement
  • COP26 | Transparency Accountability & Fossil Fuels – Carbon Tracker Initiative
  • CAN Europe: Europe at G20 and at COP26: fair and just delivery plan of the Paris Agreement urgently needed to keep the world below 1.5°C
  • Germanwatch: Potential for loss and damage finance in the existing UN-FCCC financial architecture
  • EEA: Member States’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emission projections
  • EEA; EU-27 GHG emission trends and projections under the scope of the Effort Sharing legislation
  • EEA: EU-27 Effort Sharing, ETS, LULUCF trends and projections
  • EEA: National progress towards GHG emission targets for 2020 and 2030
  • EEA: Historical trends and future projections of greenhouse gas emissions
  • Start der deutschen Koalitionsverhandlungen: Prognos und T&E zeigen Weg zur Dekarbonisierung des Verkehrs auf
  • EEA: New electric cars by country
  • PIK: Schockverstärkung: Wirtschaftliche Schäden durch Wetterextreme können einander aufschaukeln  – weltweit
  • The Joint Research Centre launches a revolutionary tool for monitoring ongoing floods worldwide as part of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service
  • COMMISSION DECISION instructing the Central Administrator of the European Union Transaction Log to enter changes to the national allocation tables of Italy into the European Union Transaction Log

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