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Helsinki, 21 July 2023

During the summer, Finland has sent water purification materials, water containers, pumps and intensive chlorination units to Ukraine to strengthen the country’s water supply. In addition, new shipments of water production materials and wastewater purification equipment are under preparation. Finland will continue to support Ukraine.

The destruction of the Kakhovka dam at the beginning of June has led to a situation where the water supply of thousands of Ukrainians is at risk. Finland and the EU support the measures taken by the Ukrainian authorities to rectify the situation.

In addition to donations for the water sector, recent assistance to Ukraine includes generators, ambulances and other vehicles, hospital beds and equipment intended for the protection of cultural heritage.

“Russia’s aggression against Ukraine continues and Finland will continue its active support to Ukraine. In recent months, Finland has delivered assistance to Ukraine through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism on a weekly basis,” says Heikki Honkanen, Senior Coordinator at the Ministry of the Interior.

With the contribution of private and public donors, Finland has been able to provide much-needed support to the Ukrainian authorities. The Ministry of the Interior is coordinating the provision of assistance to Ukraine through the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

Total amount of material assistance exceeded 250 truckloads in July

In addition to 256 trackloads of material assistance, a total of 55 vehicles, such as rescue service vehicles and buses, have been sent to Ukraine. Expert assistance supporting the work of the EU’s Civil Protection Mechanism has also been delivered through the Mechanism to Ukraine’s neighbouring countries.

There is a great need for civilian material assistance in Ukraine. The war of aggression, which has continued for well over a year, has caused extensive damage to Ukraine’s infrastructure.

“Finland aims to respond to both the permanent and changing needs of assistance in Ukraine. Recently, Ukraine has emphasised the need for water supply assistance and Finland has been able to react effectively to those requests. At the same time, Ukraine’s energy sector continues to need extensive help,” Honkanen says.

The Ministry of the Interior would like to thank all those who have donated civilian material assistance for their significant help. Supporting Ukraine is a long-term endeavour that is unlikely to end soon.

Source – Finnish Government

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