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Brussels, 14 June 2023

According to a new Eurobarometer survey released today, four out of five Europeans believe that digital technologies are growing more important in their daily lives and that Europe should take more action to ensure a successful digital transformation, thereby confirming Europe’s Digital Decade vision and policy.

The Digital Decade policy programme sets out common targets and objectives for 2030 based on common European values. It focusses on four cardinal points: digital skills, digital infrastructure, the digitalisation of businesses, and digital public services. The policy programme is accompanied by the Declaration on the European digital rights and principles.

According to the Eurobarometer, 76% of Europeans believe that advanced connectivity and stronger cybersecurity will make their daily use of digital technologies significantly better. Two thirds of citizens call for more education and training to develop their digital skills. Similarly, two thirds consider that digital technologies will play an important role in fighting climate change. Finally, more than 80% of Europeans believe that Member States should collaborate more to advance access to digital technologies, as well as to spur innovation and develop a competitive market.

When it comes to a value-based digital transformation, only half of Europeans consider that digital rights and principles are well protected in Europe. 36% of citizens think more needs to be done, and regards safe digital environments and control over one’s data, less than half find that the implementation of the digital rights and principles in their country is satisfactory. Most notably, citizens are concerned when it comes to protecting children and young people.

In the framework of the Digital Decade, progress on achieving EU targets and objectives, as well as on implementing the digital rights and principles, will be measured annually. The analysis includes reporting on multi-country projects enabling Member States to make advancements in digital together.

Find the full Eurobarometer report here.

Source – EU Commission

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