Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
Brussels, 28 November 2022

We welcome the launch today of a new Digital Partnership between the EU and the Republic of Korea. In an increasingly volatile world, the need to work with partners who share democratic values is more important than ever to address common challenges.

This future-oriented partnership will strengthen the cooperation between trusted and technologically advanced partners in the digital area that is crucial for the sustainable advance of European and Korean economies, and for our trade and investment ties.

It will foster joint work on semiconductors, next generation mobile networks, quantum and High-Performance Computing, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, platforms, data and skills. In the framework of this partnership, and sharing the recognition that we should join efforts so that digital innovation pursues universal values such as freedom and human rights of the global citizen, we are also planning to operate a consultation mechanism between Korea and the EU to discuss ways to strengthen solidarity for the freedom of digital citizens.

We thank Commissioner Thierry Breton and Minister Lee Jong-Ho for their efforts in developing this partnership off the ground and look forward to its speedy implementation.

The Digital Partnership builds on long-standing cooperation between the EU and the Republic of Korea at the nexus of trade, research, and technology. It is another major step in deepening our strategic partnership for the benefit of citizens of both sides.

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