Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

Committee and groups meetings, Brussels

Monetary Dialogue with ECB President Lagarde. MEPs in the Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee will meet with ECB President Christine Lagarde for their regular monetary dialogue. They are set to discuss the ECB’s revised inflation target as well as the consequences of a rapid increase in housing costs. (Monday)

EU Digital Covid Certificate/changes in some member states. MEPs in the Civil Liberties Committee will discuss with the Commission the application of the digital COVID certificate in EU member states, as well as recent changes in countries like Austria and France regarding the validity of vaccination certificates and their implications for the freedom of movement. (Thursday)

Golden passports and visas. MEPs on the Civil Liberties Committee will discuss a draft report calling on the Commission to propose rules on national schemes granting citizenship or residence rights to non-EU nationals in exchange for investment. Parliament has repeatedly asked for more stringent rules to avoid loopholes that benefit tax evaders and criminals. ( Thursday)

Improving the EU’s response to the migration and asylum crisis. The legislative work on the proposal to set up a new instrument to tackle the migration and asylum crisis in one or several member states, to ensure they are given support rapidly when needed, will begin in the Civil Liberties Committee. The Commission’s proposal includes the possibility to grant immediate protection to displaced people fleeing armed conflicts in their home countries. ( Thursday)

Rule of law missions to Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Slovakia. The Civil Liberties Committee will discuss the recent visits to Hungary, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Slovakia to assess the situation of the rule of law and fundamental rights in these member states. (Thursday) (tbc)

Stopping global deforestation. The Environment Committee will debate with Commissioner Sinkevičius the proposed new legislation that Parliament called for to stop EU-driven global deforestation and forest degradation by obliging companies placing products on the EU market to carry out due diligence. (Thursday)

Conference on the Future of Europe. The second round of the European Citizens’ Panels continues online. The Panel will focus on better ways of living, protecting our environment and health, redirecting our economy and consumption, towards a sustainable society, and caring for all (Friday to Sunday).

Plenary preparations. Political groups will prepare for the 22-25 November plenary session, where MEPs will debate and vote on the reform of the common EU Farm Policy, on measures to improve gender equality in the EU, on the EU’s role in combatting the COVID-19 pandemic by helping vaccinate the world and on a future-proof EU pharmaceutical policy. Also on the agenda will be the debate on the outcome of the October EU summit, the EU’s budget for 2022, a legislative initiative calling for new EU rules on legal labour migration, and the introduction of a European Social Security number with a personal labour card.


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