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Brussels, 08/09/2021

On 8 September, High Representative for Foreign Affairs/Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell, visited Libya. His visit underlined the EU’s attachment to Libyan sovereignty and independence, and determination to contribute to the peace and stabilization of the country at this important juncture.

In Tripoli, High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell held meetings with Foreign Minister Mangoush(link is external), as well as with President of the Presidential Council Mohammed Mnefi(link is external) and Vice-President Moussa al Kouni. He also exchanged with UN Special Envoy Ján Kubiš.

High Representative/Vice-President Borrell commended the important progress achieved in Libya(link is external) in the past year, during which a ceasefire was put in place, political institutions unified and a road map to the December elections was set up.

High Representative Borrell underlined the EU’s firm commitment to continue supporting Libyan authorities in their efforts to approve the necessary legislation and concrete preparations, ahead of the 24 December presidential and parliamentary elections.

The High Representative stressed the importance of renewing the legitimacy of Libyan institutions, reaffirming Libyan sovereignty and stabilizing the country for all its people. He reiterated the EU’s continuous support to contribute to the implementation of the ceasefire and the withdrawal of all foreign forces and to help the Libyan government in the reform of the security sector, including through the EU Border Assistance Mission (EUBAM).

The High Representative also raised ways to increase cooperation with Operation Irini, to keep monitoring the respect of the UN arms embargo with his Libyan interlocutors. The High Representative stressed that the EU remains at the disposal of the Libyan authorities, notably by sharing the EU’s large expertise in supporting partners to rebuilding State structures and help to strengthen their institutions.

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