Mon. Jul 15th, 2024
Rzeszów, Poland, 2 March 2022Remarks by President Charles Michel after his meeting with Prime Minister of Poland Mateusz Morawiecki: 

We are facing an extremely difficult situation.  That’s why it’s so important to be extremely united.  And we are united, together with all the European Union’s member states.  Together with our partners, our allies, and with partners from third countries.

We are trying to develop a common action to build an international coalition, to protect international law, and the rules-based multilateral order. Second, we are able to act quickly together and to decide on tough sanctions with massive consequences for Russia.  And let’s be honest, it will have a cost for us. But it is a question of convictions, it is a question of democratic principles, it is a question of international law.

The reason for my presence here this morning with you, dear Prime Minister, is not only to show our full European solidarity towards Poland, towards your team, and towards the people on the ground who are working to guarantee the hospitality of refugees. It is also to show that we are all together. That is why the European Commission took the decision a few hours ago to mobilise €500 million for humanitarian assistance to provide concrete and additional means.

It is also important to see with my own eyes the situation on the ground. I would like to commend you, dear Prime Minister Mateusz, your team, and the Polish people for working very hard to guarantee safe passages for Ukrainians, for European citizens, but also for citizens coming from third countries all around the world without any discrimination. The recent hours we are faced with disinformation and it is very important to make our EU values clear.  You gave a strong guarantee — and thank you for that — of zero discrimination. We are making sure that there are safe passages for all who would like to cross the borders. Finally, we know that the following hours and days will be difficult.  We must stick together.  We must be on the same page to coordinate and to cooperate to defend our principles together.

The current situation is extremely painful and difficult for the Ukrainians. More than ever, we must be together with the Ukrainians. We must welcome them.  We will host them, we will guarantee the dignity of those Ukrainian people, and we maintain all the possible efforts to provide support to Ukraine — political support, financial support, and humanitarian support. This is our political and moral duty. Thank you.

Source – EU Council

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