Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

Brussels, 31 October 2022

On Friday, the Commission made available a further €100 million to seven Member States that have been hosting large numbers of refugees. The decision follows the 9 April Global Pledging event “Stand Up for Ukraine”, where the Commission committed up to €400 million to support refugees from Ukraine in the most affected Member States. The first tranche of €248 million as emergency assistance was allocated to five front line Member States in May. Therefore, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Czechia have benefited already from the additional support. This second tranche of the emergency assistance from home affairs funds will support Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Member States can use these funds to continue offering immediate assistance to refugees, such as food, transport and temporary accommodation. These funds can also support their capacity to integrate refugees, including the vulnerable ones, such as unaccompanied minors. Civil society organisations, local and regional authorities also play a key role in offering assistance. Member States will therefore need to ensure that this emergency funding also flows to them. To ensure that funds are quickly disbursed, the Commission will release the money based on results achieved, rather than the actual costs. The remaining €52 million will be channeled at a later stage towards emerging needs, such as accommodation projects, providing quality psychological first aid, mental health and psychosocial support to persons fleeing Ukraine. 

Source – EU Commission

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