Mon. Jul 22nd, 2024

Brussels, 10 March 2022

Yesterday, the Commission recommended to the Council to open negotiations for a status agreement between Frontex and the Republic of Moldova. The status agreement will allow Frontex to support Moldovan border guards to effectively manage the current situation at the border with Ukraine. Over 250,000 people have fled the war in Ukraine and sought safety in Moldova.

Moldovan border guards are facing challenges both in view of the high number of people fleeing the war and sharing a border with an active war zone. This agreement will specifically allow for the deployment of Frontex teams to carry out border management tasks including registration and border checks, led by Moldovan authorities to respond to these challenges. A status agreement will strengthen the current cooperation between Frontex and Moldova which is based on a working arrangement concluded in 2008 and will have a positive impact on border management in Moldova, in Romania as well as on the overall management of the EU’s external borders.

Source – EU Commission

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