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1 September 2021

The European Commission, on behalf of the European Union, rated AAA (Fitch) / Aaa (Moodys’) / AA (S&P), is organising, the following event on 8 September 2021.

INVESTOR CONFERENCE CALL – “NGEU Borrowing: updates on the European Union’s funding strategy and programme”.

This call will provide an update on the EU’s funding plans for the remainder of 2021, including information on new developments in the implementation of the NGEU funding strategy, notably the forthcoming launch of auctions for EU-Bills and bonds and an update on preparations for NGEU Green Bond issuance.

The virtual event will start at 09:00 CET on 8 September 2021 and will be held via web streaming.

This call will provide information on a background basis to investors and market participants. Information provided should not be quoted directly or attributed to Commission staff or individual officials.

To register for this event, please use the following link.

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