Tue. Jul 16th, 2024

European political parties are transnational political alliances made up of national parties from the same political family. Since July 2004, they have been able to receive funding from the EU general budget. The current Regulation 1141/2014, applicable since 2017, tightened the requirements for parties’ recognition, funding and spending. Yet, some parties (and their affiliated foundations) found loopholes in the legal framework.

Targeted amendments to the regulation adopted in 2018 and 2019 sought, inter alia, to prevent misuse of public funds, enhance the role of European parties in the European public space, and safeguard the integrity of the European elections by sanctioning breaches of the rules on the protection of personal data. This study examines the operation of the legal framework, ahead of the legislative revision announced by the European Commission in its 2021 work programme, and in support of the evaluation report currently undertaken by the AFCO committee.

Source: Study – Statute and funding of European political parties under Regulation 1141/2014 – PE 662.646 – Committee on Constitutional Affairs

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