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Brussels, 2 January 2023

EU Parliament President Metsola has launched an urgent procedure for the waiver of immunity of two Members of the European Parliament, following a request from the Belgian judicial authorities.

The first procedural steps have been taken and the President will announce the request in plenary at the first possible opportunity on 16 January. The request will be then referred to the Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) for a proposal for a decision.

“From the very first moment the European Parliament has done everything in its power to assist in investigations and we will continue to make sure that there will be no impunity. Those responsible will find this Parliament on the side of the law. Corruption cannot pay and we will do everything to fight it”, said President Metsola.

President Metsola will also set out her intentions for reforms in the coming weeks, including an overhaul of the current rules and improving internal systems, including on enforcement.

Procedure for waiver of immunity

As foreseen in the European Parliament’s Rules of Procedure (Rule 6 and Rule 9), the requests for waiver of immunity are announced by the President in Plenary and then referred to the competent Committee (Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI)).

The Legal Affairs Committee (JURI) appoints a rapporteur, the cases are presented in a committee meeting and a hearing may take place.

The draft report will be discussed and voted in JURI. The committee adopts a recommendation for the whole Parliament to approve or reject the request. All immunity cases are considered in camera.

The recommendation is then submitted to Plenary. If adopted by Plenary (simple majority), the President will immediately communicate Parliament’s decision to the Member(s) concerned and to the competent national authority.

The President has asked all services and committees to give this procedure priority with a view to its conclusion by 13 February 2023.

Source – EU Parliament


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