Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

European consumers are among the best protected and informed in the world about food chain risks. The EU food safety system gives every European citizen the right to know how the food they eat is produced, processed, packaged, labelled, and sold. As part of this system, EFSA’s impartial experts review scientific data and studies to evaluate food risks. This ensures that all products on our markets and in our shops are safe.

Choosing and preparing food for yourself, a group of friends, or for family members is a responsibility. Aside from making your dish appetising, you need to check that the food is fresh, that it doesn’t contain unwanted allergens and that it has been stored and cooked correctly. That’s a lot to think about. In the European Union, science shares this responsibility with citizens by ensuring that whatever you choose to eat has been assessed as safe. EFSA’s new #EUChooseSafeFoodcampaign aims to raise awareness of the science behind EU food safety, and to help consumers make informed decisions about everyday food choices, in the knowledge that their food is safe.

Launched on 30 July, the objective of EFSA’s new EU-wide campaign is to encourage Europeans to make confident food choices by explaining the critical role played by science and scientists in food safety. From helping to decipher labels and understand additives, to providing advice on why raw potatoes should not be stored in the fridge, the campaign will offer practical information to consumers.

Primarily targeting 25 – 45-year-old European citizens, the campaign will also explain EFSA’s role in contributing to European regulations that protect consumers and the entire food chain.

An #EUChooseSafeFood toolkit including visuals, short films and social media posts in different languages is available on the campaign website, making it easy for national authorities and associations to get involved in the campaign.

The campaign is organised in cooperation with ninefocused EU Member States: Austria, Croatia, Italy, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, and Spain.

For further information please refer to the campaign backgrounder or visit the campaign microsite:

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