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Brussels, 30/08/2021 – 17:15, UNIQUE ID: 210830_5

Statements by the Spokesperson:

On 27 August, the Belarusian regime ordered the closure of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, the largest independent journalist organisation in the country.

This closure is part of the systematic and continued repression of all independent voices in the country. There are twenty-seven media workers among the 649 Belarusians who have been recognised as political prisoners. In May, the largest independent media platform was silenced, and criminal cases against its management and journalists were opened. In July, the relentless crackdown on non-governmental organisations and human rights defenders continued, including raids on private houses, and many citizens were arrested, facing serious charges.

The EU strongly condemns this ongoing repression, calls on the authorities in Belarus to stop it, adhere to its international commitments and obligations within the UN and OSCE, and to finally respect the human rights and fundamental freedoms of their own population.

The EU continues to stand by the people of Belarus and will continue to support its civil society, including independent and free media.

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