Mon. Jul 15th, 2024

The European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR) has signalled support for the European Commission’s proposal to include nuclear energy and fossil gas in the so-called “Taxonomy Regulation”, which sets out the criteria for green investments. “Without the promotion of nuclear energy, the scenario of high energy prices could worsen in the future. When it comes to effectively reducing emissions, only nuclear energy offers a realistic possibility of achieving the necessary energy stability”, ECR Coordinator in the Committee on the Environment Alexandr Vondra said. “Without nuclear power, the Green Deal will not work. It will become onerous and costly for broad segments of the population.”

With their support, the ECR Group does not intend to give the Commission a blank cheque. The devil is in the detail: Natural gas can only act as a useful bridging technology if the conditions for its use are not too strict but realistic and workable.

ECR Coordinator in the Committee on Budgets Bogdan Rzońca said:

“A climate-compatible energy transition must offer growth opportunities and be feasible in every European region. Otherwise, the whole transition project could be jeopardised. Gas and nuclear can generate a stable and affordable energy supply and swiftly cut emissions if they get proper access to the capital needed.”

Source – ECR (via e-mail)

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